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Achieve Real Time Wireless HD with our Paralinx Tomahawk Hire

As well as offering rentals for all UAV and cinema equipment, we also offer a range of accessories to ensure you’re completely ready to start shooting. The Paralinx Tomahawk is available for hire throughout Sydney and the rest of Australia and provides a no latency HD video downlink. This revolutionary transmission system is used for a range of high quality applications, including television, broadcast, film and other industrial purposes.

However, it is perhaps best suited for UAV and aerial cinematography as it allows for real time wireless HD transmission with only a 1ms delay. Its exceptional range also means that you’re not limited to a single position and can achieve longer shots, with distances up to 600m. If you require greater range, optional aerials can be purchased to extend the transmission distance – without compromising the 1ms latency.   

State of the art equipment hire for Sydney and beyond

All of the filming technology offered for hire at GroundControl is the same equipment we use for our ground and aerial cinematography services. This means you can experience the same cutting edge technology used by a professional production house to achieve exceptional results. The main benefit of hiring, is the ability to take advantage of high end equipment, without the expense of buying it outright. Hiring allows you to remain within your budget, without compromising the quality of your work. This is especially practical if you only require the Tomahawk, MoVI Slingshot, or one of our drones for a short period of time, or for specific scenes which need specialised equipment.    

Maximise your UAV cinematography

If you require drone photography for your next Sydney project, or anywhere else in Australia, complementing your UAV hire in Sydney with a Paralinx Tomahawk, or a Red Rocket X, will ensure greater usability and convenience. Experience the convenience of a comprehensive cinematography package, allowing you to acquire all of the necessary equipment to truly make the most of this innovative technology.

How can we help?

If you have any queries regarding our rental service or would like to know more about the Paralinx Tomahawk, please feel free to give us a call on +61 4123 76725 and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist. We’d love to hear about your next filming project. Give us an idea of what you’re hoping to create and we can suggest additional equipment as well as an operator to help you bring your dream to life.