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Gain a New Perspective with Drone Photography 

Ground Control Pictures is a production house specialising in stabilised aerial and ground high end cinematography, with the use of the MōVI handheld digitally stabilised camera gimbal. We adapt these gimbals for use with film projects on the ground as well as in the air. Our drone equipment opens up creative avenues previously unavailable and provides a platform to produce truly breathtaking photography. If you require drone hire for your next project, only choose the professionals.

UAV hire for Sydney and Melbourne

Along with providing high end stabilised cinematography, we also offer cinema equipment rental services, including drone hire throughout Melbourne and Sydney. This rental service gives clients the choice of either hiring out our camera systems, such as the RED DRAGON and PARALINX TOMAHAWK, with an operator or without.

All of our highly trained operators have had extensive experience capturing incredible aerial footage. Simply give them an idea of what it is you’re hoping to achieve and let them take care of the rest. They have the knowledge and the skill to help capture a high standard of cinematography using the full ability of our drone photography. Our operators are also available for hire throughout our large array of rental equipment, including the Freefly MōVI

Hire an operator with a proven track record for success

Whilst you stand to save more money if you operate the equipment yourself, taking advantage of a skilled operator will prove more beneficial in the quality of your finished product. With years of experience in cinematography, our trained professionals will know the best techniques and methods to ensure you achieve a high standard of footage that you’ll be entirely satisfied with.

UAV hire offers you a whole new spectrum of creative control with your projects, providing opportunities for new and immersive shots with a greater scope flexibility. Not only this, but it allows you to forgo the costly expenses associated with helicopter rental, cranes, jibs, booms or traditional filming equipment used to achieve a similar result. Drones provide an inexpensive solution with minimal fuss and greater useability.

A trusted name in drone hire and cinematography

Ground Control Pictures is one of Australia's leading fully certified UAV cinematography companies. We are available for hire not only throughout Sydney, Melbourne and the rest of Australia, but also internationally, as our systems are fully transportable. We aim to offer a premium level of cinematography services which are flexible and above all, dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.

All of GroundControl’s pilots are fully CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) approved for operations with UAV's. With hundreds of hours of flight experience. 

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If you have further questions regarding our equipment or team, please feel free to call us on +61 4123 76725 to ask any questions. We’re always happy to have a chat and can provide you with a more comprehensive history of our past experience and projects. We can also provide an obligation free quote on all UAV hire and drone photography services available within Melbourne, Sydney and beyond.