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Achieve the highest standard of cinematography with the same suite of high end technology used by the professionals. Whether you’re planning to shoot your next project using a handheld gimbal, a cable system, jib or UAV, GroundControl offers the sophisticated equipment necessary to achieve a premium standard of footage.

Our Red Epic Dragon and Red Rocket X hire services are available in Melbourne, Sydney and throughout Australia. As a professional and innovative production house, we understand that to capture the best footage, you need the best equipment. This is why we take advantage of this great range for our own cinematography projects.

Red Dragon

Our comprehensive suite of Red product accessories incudes monitors, remotes, handles, power systems and more. When it comes to digital camera technology however, the Red Dragon sensor offers a revolutionary approach to capturing stunning and detailed images. Capable of achieve 9x more pixels than standard HD, this innovative product can achieve an unparalleled level of quality.

Our Epic Dragon hire can align you with leading industry equipment for your next Sydney or Melbourne project without breaking your budget by purchasing everything outright. Renting is a much more practical alternative and can free up your cash flow for other expenditures which you otherwise may have been unable to afford. The Epic Dragon makes an excellent addition to our drone hire service and allows you to capture beautiful images from unique and immersive perspectives.

Red Rocket X

This product is designed to be completely compatible with the Red Dragon Sensor and optimises the process of your R3D workflow. This means you will be able to achieve real time 4K playback straight to your 4K display with minimal delay. In comparison to previous models, this cutting edge piece of technology can transcode files up to 5x faster. Regardless of the resolution, Red Rocket can significantly increase transcode times for video files and image stills in supported applications.

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