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Unparalleled Stability with Freefly MoVI Hire in Sydney and Beyond

Achieve the ultimate in hand-held camera stability for the smoothest movement. As well as offering high quality cinematography and stabilised footage both on the ground and in the air, GroundControl also offers its Freefly MoVI equipment for hire in Sydney and the rest of Australia. This premium hand-held camera stabiliser has been custom designed and hand crafted to offer a superior level of movement control. We also provide a MoVI Slingshot extension for hire for effortless useability and filming efficiency.

Land or air – the MoVI is built to do it all

This cutting edge digital gimbal has been specifically designed to accommodate a number of different drones and camera products. GroundControl offers customers the option of hiring UAV’s along with the MoVI, including accessories for greater optimisation, such as the Paralinx Tomahawk and Red Epic Dragon. Open up your cinematography horizons and capture the world from an immersive perspective unlike any other. With a UAV and MoVI at your disposal, capturing incredible panoramic and landscape shots are made easier than ever.

MoVI Slingshot hire

The versatile Freefly MoVI M15 and M10 which we offer, can be customised for handheld use, or mounted to a cable system, dolly or jib for a wider array of shots. Alternatively, you can also adapt it for use with the Slingshot. This sophisticated harness system operates by taking the weight of the gimbal partially off of your arms and allows the user to capture tricky shots typically requiring a more complicated rig setup. We offer our MoVI Slingshot hire within Sydney and the rest of Australia and even overseas if required. Much like our UAV hire and other equipment rentals, you have the option of hiring them with or without an operator.   

Utilising a trained operator

If you are unfamiliar with the intricacies of the gimbal, or its Slingshot addition, then you may waste precious time as you wrap your head around the way it operates. Choosing to hire one of our skilled operators means you can hit the ground running. Take advantage of a highly trained professional with years of experience in utilising such equipment and capture the highest quality shots. 

Contact us to learn more

We’re always happy to provide a helping hand. Call us on +61 4123 76725 for any enquiries regarding our MoVI or Slingshot hire available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and throughout Australia. If you require a price quote for any our services, make sure you ask one of our team members and they’ll happily oblige.