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The New ALTA

So there is a new kid on the block and his name is ALTA. Its the latest and greatest drone released by Freefly for use with heavy lift systems. 

My concern is the payload however. They claim that it can lift 15 pounds. Take my MōVI M15 which is 5 pounds, so that would leave 10 pounds of payload left to play with. Now I have done a lot of work on stripping back the Red Epic Dragon to its bare bones, but still don't get the lightest possible system for what is needed on the ALTA.

Therefore I am once again off to the workshop to weigh up all the bits and bobs and see what we can get its weight to. 

Watch this space for an update. 

SO! The judgement is in and the ALTA will not handle what we need to throw at it. At sea level it would be fine, but its when operating in the Australia summer heat or winter on top of a snow mountain where the ALTA fails as a heavy lift. The Spec sheet below says it all. Total gross weight drops considerably in various extremes, and unfortunately, when one is already pushing the max weight limit, 1 kg is a killer. 

Would 100% buy this machine for use with a smaller camera such as the GH4 or A7S though..